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The cooling breeze is generally welcomed in Fuerteventura but even when the wind gets a little stronger the nudist sun worshippers can still enjoy the rays by sheltering in their stone nests

These have been made from boulders of lava rock and each day become a haven and picnic spot.


They are places to lay back and apply the sun tan lotion. Havens where you listen to the sound of the sea and watch the odd bird hanging in the sky


If the thought of reaching up to join the birds appeals to you then pull out your diary and block in the second weekend of November as a time to be in Fuerteventura for the International Kite Festival.


It is when you will be able to watch the experts


The event which has been taking place since 1987 is held on the massive ‘La Playa del Burro’, a beach situated in the dunes of Corralejo.

The Festival attracts an ever growing number of participants from all over the world, the majority of European participants being from Britain Germany and the Canaries.

The start of the event, usually a Friday, is marked by the distribution of commemorative T- shirts and an all day ‘free fly’ on the beach. Over the weekend there is a night display on the ‘Playa de Corralejo.’

Organised events include exciting kite combat, where two highly maneuverable stunt Kites battle it out until one falls.

Sunday is a key day with more outstanding activities include a flight of little parachuting Teddy bears who drop sweets, keeping kids (and adults) entertained trying to catch them before they hit the ground!


There is also a raffle ‘kiting type’ prizes donated by the participants. A bonfire follows the close of the event.


Fuerteventura is the longest of the clutch of islands known as the Canaries, just 60 odd miles off the Coast of Africa. If you travel there in winter can be quite a contrast to the leaden skies that you leave behind. When you step of the plane the sunshine can be almost blinding.


The island might seem like huge barren rock as you fly in but the dry volcanic lunar landscape is being transformed and resorts like Corralejo in the North and Costa Calma in the south seem to spread with new apartments materialising every week. It is like a living organism.

It is of course the beaches, that fringe the rocky lunar landscape on massive scale that make it such a desirable tourist spot.


But not everyone lays lizard like. The winds that are directed up from the sand dunes make it an ideal place for kite flying. Indeed the wind sports extend onto the water with kite surfing and wind surfing.


If you are energetic you can acquire the skill to fly a kite and have it pull you along over the waves at a screaming fast rate.

It is a great place to learn and get fit. if you really catch the surf bug you can become one of the beautiful people with their tanned and toned bodies and concave tummies.

Alternatively you can just watch them. There are plenty of beach side restaurants where you can eat well There are dozens of surf shops and cafes in Corralejo in the north of the Island.


As to windsurfing, a trip down to Casas Risco del Paso where initial training is on a small lagoon in he middle of a massive beach seems to be the ideal.


It certainly seem more appealing than my introduction to the sport long ago on a wintry Scottish sea loch clad in a tight wet suit that was bent on turning me into a soprano. But I digress. If you can afford it hire a car, (you can set up a good deal on the internet before you travel out,) when you wake up in the morning just look at the sky and drive off to where the sun is shining most. There are beaches in almost all directions.


It is an island that grows on you. It looks like a barren land, a regular “Fraggle Rock,”and in the rosy red of a sunset it is easy to imagine yourself back thousands of years in time amid a gathering of volcanoes that are ready to erupt.

To watch a spectacular sunset have your dinner at the open air restaurant on the old pier at El Cotillo

The chances are that the octopus you eat will have been caught by the guy with the spear gun and been welcomed ashore by the restaurant cat.

If you want to become part of the sunset scene then go a couple of miles south and join the surfers who paddle out on their boards to catch the big wave.


You could make a memory as you ride in on a sea of liquid gold.





Kite Festival in Fuerteventura











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