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Allan Rogers visits Fuerteventura and provides

Self-catering tips

So the first tip is, for the best prices, shop at one of the big supermarkets along with the locals.

Look for supermarket chains own brands. These items are generally of good quality, even with wines.  Be adventurous risk a euro and try a litre in a cardboard box, you might be surprised.


Rental apartments can vary so always ask for one with a balcony that catches the sun. Nothing enhances that holiday feeling like having breakfast in the sun.

The ice cubes from the fridge that you put in the orange juice should be made from bottled water not tap water.


After a few years of using self-catering apartments in Spain  I always find that a few necessary items are missing.  I have yet to find egg cups provided. Fortunately a visit to one of the many well stocked stores that are generally run by Chinese families will provide an answer. They might not stock the elusive egg cups but what they will have are small candles and tea lights. The attractive glass holders used for the latter are just the right size to double as egg cups.  So your visit will add practicality to your breakfast and romantic candle-light for your dinner under the stars.


While enjoying the ‘retail therapy’ as you wander around the store keep in mind your luggage allowance for the return flight.  If you are tempted to buy a beach tent or large item you may have to leave it behind. Fortunately in some of the best beaches in the north of Fuerteventura, if you need to shelter from the cooling wind or the hot sun, you can often find little stone nests made from the volcanic lava that was thrown up four or five thousand years ago. They are just perfect for holiday makers and the odd shy lizard


If you want to try a  bit of snorkling and meet the fish, pick up a copy of Fuerteventura's free montly guide called "The Voice"  It contains a table showing when the tide is high and gives the phases of the moon with dates when you can expect  high fish activi.ty

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Other purchases you may need to make is a pen knife for preparing your picnic on the beach, and longer pegs dfot the beach tent,  It is a good idea to attach a long piece of coloured string or ribbon to items like these so that should they decide to hide themselves in the sand you can always find them.


And finally if you like to read  you may find that sometimes the lighting provided in the apartments can be a bit on the dim side. It can be a good idea to bring a small lamp with you. Or visit one of the Chinese stores to buy a brighter light bulb. One will cost about 90 cents. You are sure to find many other tempting items on the shelves, things like place mats and finer glasses to enhance the wine at your candle-lit supper, and…..well why not go and find out.

With the current rate of exchange ('at the time of writing') being very much in our favour a self catering holiday in Spain seemed an attractive idea.


In Fuerteventura I found that the till receipt at the local supermarket for a bottle of cava , a small loaf of local bread, a pack of cheese and a tomato came to  just under €5.  Convert the euros to pounds (divide by 4 and multiply by 3) and it works out roughly at £3.75.  Do away with the food part of the picnic and the cava cost only about £2.40.