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Legoland has resorts in which people can stay in the UK, Denmark, and Germany. Of these, the biggest one is in Denmark (which makes sense, given that Denmark is the home of Lego). If you don’t fancy learning Danish, however, Legoland Windsor comes highly recommended. The theme park has its own hotel, which is ingeniously decorated with plenty of interactive Lego features. Lego itself turned the management of its theme parks over to Merlin Entertainments during financial troubles. However, Lego retains a reasonable degree of control over the theme park’s design and direction.

Legoland Windsor routinely makes the list of the UK’s best attractions. It has to be admitted that the park, while intricately constructed and containing over 50 rides as well as numerous Lego-based attractions (‘Miniland’ is a particular favourite), is small compared to many international theme parks, so this one may be better for a mini-break than a longer holiday.




No theme park holiday list would be complete without breaking out at least one of the big guns – and Disney is the biggest and loudest. Disney has theme parks in America, Japan, France, and China. Of these, the one most appropriate for a holiday is probably Walt Disney World in Florida. Walt Disney World is the world’s most visited theme park, with a vast array of rides and attractions. Walt Disney World is so big that it took one determined group 17 hours, 22 miles, and a lot of stamina to visit every ride just once in a day. If Florida is a bit too much of a trek, Disneyland Paris gets rave reviews from travel journalists, and promises to entertain the adults of the family just as much as the kids!


Thorpe Park


Back in the UK, Thorpe Park tends to get less publicity than its cousin, Alton Towers. However, this is not to say that Thorpe Park is in any way inferior to Alton. In fact, it’s an absolute must-visit for any rollercoaster aficionado.  Thorpe Park takes its rollercoasters very seriously, and aims to up the ante with a new, even more thrilling ride each year. Rides like Nemesis Inferno already make world records for speed, loops, and sheer thrills, so any adrenaline junkies in the family will more than get their fix. Indeed, Thorpe Park warns that many of its rides are unsuitable for those of a nervous disposition, or who suffer from illness – particularly nerve or heart issues. It's probably a good idea to be fairly sure that you're in good health beforehand. Nemesis Inferno and other rides like it are certainly not for those with heart conditions or anxiety problems - those who suffer from panic attacks are advised to stick to the gentler rides! However, if this all sounds a little scary – don’t worry! There is plenty for those fainter or weaker of heart to do as well.



Parc Asterix


This is for anyone who has ever read and loved the Asterix books.

Located just outside of Paris, Parc Asterix provides rides, shows, and attractions galore all based around the world of Asterix and Obelix. Although the park itself is considerably larger than that little Gaulish village we all know and love, it’s quirky enough to lend a real sense of the books’ tongue in cheek humour and vitality. The rides give all the loops and splashes you could want, and the regular shows can be rather spectacular. Plus, there’s the chance to meet all your favourite Gauls (and maybe bash a few Romans). This gem is one of France’s best kept secrets – and deserves to have more of an international reputation.



Theme Parks

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The Pick Of The Crop


Once upon a time, a theme park was an attraction to which you and the family would go on a day trip. You’d queue for the funfair rides, make yourself sick on cheap candyfloss, and pile back into the car at the end of the day laden with cheap prizes.


Now, however, theme parks have grown to such an extent that many people are choosing to take entire holidays based around a theme park.

Here is a rundown of a few of the most popular family theme park holiday locations:

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